Congressional Insanity

In 2013 I moved back to my home state of Texas. The move was to be near my family. I had an up to date drivers license from the state of Missouri. In order to get a Texas license I needed my birth certificate and my marriage license. Name change from my birth caused this. I am a 5th generation Texan. I was livid at the stupidity. I came home and found my passport, for which I needed only that same birth certificate and NO marriage license.

Back to the Texas DPS I trekked with my sweetest smile and passport. A few hours later I was paying for the privileged to drive legally in the state of Texas. I did not realize that moving to Texas meant I was moving back 100 years in time, also. Can you tell I am still enraged?

Fast forward to 2017. Craziness has overtaken the entire United States. The same insanity that took down the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is running rampant in the federal government. The public school system is being attacked and systematically dismantled. Environmental protections are being thrown away on a daily basis. The president is not being held accountable for any conflict of interest or wrong doing. Jewish communities are being threatened and vandalized on a daily basis. US citizens are being detained for hours in the airports as they are questioned about their religion. Climate change is a liberal lie although record highs are being set two and three times a week this winter here in Austin.

Federal Sen. John Cornyn from the state of Texas plans to introduce a bill to have all states recognize each others conceal to carry license. Because, you know, one needs to have a loaded gun all the time you are going across state lines. If/when this bill passe Texas will recognize other states conceal to carry gun laws but not a woman’s drivers license. Without a US passport that did not require a marriage license. Like I said, Congressional Insanity.