Wabi — Sabi

How does one get into a situation of attempting to write poetry? What on earth is driving me to attempt this form of poetry in my senior years? I have maybe a 1/4 of my life still to live. Let me do the math, 68/x = x/4. No, that is not right. I was an A+ student in algebra. This is just basic stuff. So where is that single brain cell that knows this stuff? Is it embedded in some dementia related plaque formation? Gone forever into the abyss of old age?

That is maybe why I am attempting new things. Ways to keep the mind active and fight the advance of years. Sure 68 is ‘young’ in some books, like my family tree, Mom 96 and Dad six weeks short of 90. That is their bodies that lived that long,, the minds not quite so long. I just want my mind to last as long as the body can perform.

flour sack quilt

with her perfect stitches

only legacy

© Janice Adcock

68 / 3 x 4 = 90 is a possibility given the dna. Well, maybe that one cell is not completely covered in plaque.

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Originally published at jadcock.blogspot.com on February 18, 2015.

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