I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

Hi Rick, I read your article very slowly and tried to take it all in as clearly as possible since your scholarship on the subject is so evident. I agree about the phenoma of Facebook or should I say how it has morphed into a patchwork quilt of human expression and manipulation. The manipulation is what concerns me, the posts that hide under ‘humour’ that are actually vile and overt political statements. You refer to Hilary Clinton getting bad posts…. Trump’s were way worse in my opinion. He was not of the establishment and had nothing much they could attack except his personal life or appearance but attack they did. One was this gross fat pig with Trumps head on it…his hair.. but beyond the pathetic were the ‘rape’ stories, the grabbing of women stories and the tax stories but not in an acceptable manner but by portraying him as a disgusting man. There were a couple of Hillary photos that were nasty but way more Trump. This is really childish stuff but it works and Facebook was used — it was the new tool to create whatever was wanted and working in groups they pumped out their hate…. anyone who disagreed was punished. I am not in the U.S. so I can comment as a person who simply observes! Every day, and sometimes many times a day I was bombarded by friends with an agenda. What other medium other than Twitter can have this kind of power? It’s scary but I still enjoy my friends in my industry and the ability to share intersting stories and videos and I am so glad the election is over so it can return to a pleasureable experience. Thank you for your article, I did enjoy the read.

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