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Article by Boniface Nyaga in the Daily Nation on 15th March, 2020 where he attempts to narrate Janice Iche’s rape story without her knowledge or consent and participates in victim blaming and shaming.

My mother called me at around noon today to tell me that I am in the Daily Nation newspaper concerning my rape story, reported by Boniface Nyaga. I didn’t have the paper myself so she sent me a picture on Whatsapp and I later got access to the e-paper. It surprised me… there are a few things I find wrong about Boniface Nyaga’s article, I will go right into addressing some of them.

First of all, your article is gravely misinformed because a lot of the information you have presented in it are your mere assumptions. You did not bother to do research and report an accurate story and that kind of journalism is so harmful on multiple levels, I cannot begin to address everything right now. …

I was angry and hurt about this for a long time… I am grateful for self-love and growth because I now prioritize my personal peace over everything. I am only here to share my truth because I understand how much I must. Simply to do my part of making sure I am not enabling my own rapist and feeding into this entire system of oppression because rape is the abuse of power. …


Janice Iche


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