Erica Bantum Possesses Good Knowledge of Sales and Marketing

Erica Bantum from Georgia is a proficient Sales and Marketing professional. She holds Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with 3.0 GPA. She went to Turner Middles School in Lithia Springs, GA. She was a cheerleader during her school days and assisted as a coach with the junior cheerleading team. She is a self-motivated professional who gives high importance to her work. Besides having a strong work ethic, she has experience of her profession. Her aim is to come into possession of a truly challenging and rewarding occupation in Marketing.

Erica is a confident professional who excels in writing and presentation skills. She has a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office — Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Social Media Marketing, with knowledge of Professional Sales (SPIN technique). For her profession, she possesses comprehensive knowledge of marketing, marketing research, consumer behavior, entertainment marketing, market analysis, advanced selling and professional selling. She has a good understanding of all the aspects of sales and marketing industry. According to the situation, she has the ability to take decisions and develop strategies for increasing sales. Due to the best decisions, she turns herself as an asset for the company.

Erica Bantum has been involved with numerous business organizations and networking events. During her high school, she was a part of business organization involved in Marketing and competitions that focus on concentration. When she was in college, she attended several business fairs and networking events. She attends different networking events in Atlanta under 40 and emerging 100 events.

Erica Bantum from Georgia is a carefree and responsible young adult who enjoys every bit of her life to the fullest. She is always improving herself in every phase of life to remain updated and enjoy as much as possible. She recognizes her mistakes through self-evaluation and overcomes them in order to become a woman that she aspires to be. She is a spiritual person who has deep faith in God. Besides her profession, she gives equal importance to her family and likes to spend quality time with her family members.

In her family, she has her parents, George and Veronica Bantum. She also has one full sister, Elexia Bantum and other half sister, Amy Bantum. In her leisure time, she likes to go for traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, attending festivals and concerts. She enjoys the city and city views. In addition, she loves to watch movies, hang out with friends, going to the farmer’s market, cook and make experiments with new foods and spices.