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Ivanka’s new book is insulting to women like me. I asked for what I wanted from Ivanka but she but she was too busy to help. She went to the same private school my daughter attended. While she was hawking her prior book at the school’s book fair, I asked her assistance to fix the Trump’s Apprentice’s captions so my daughter could watch the show. She dismissed me. So, while she was enjoying massages, I was busy battling the FCC, Mark Burnett Productions and others to implement captioning standards since common sense failed to matter to some people. To me, it was more important my daughter and people who are deaf and hard of hearing had equal access to television programming than taking care of me.

But I did put my name on it by writing the article so the world would know how her family refused to help. See: Thank You, Donald Trump From People Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing! (

Now, if ACA is overturned, I will need to work to figure out how to ensure the domestic violence I endured is not an pre-existing condition for medical coverage. See #BreakingtheSilence (

So, Ivanka, if you really want to help women, roll-up your sleeves, take off your high heels and get in the trenches to understand the real issues that plague women like me.

Janice Schacter Lintz

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