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I think all of us are feeling numb right now. This election has been a heck of a ride so far. Let’s face it, look at the choice we have, the lesser of two evils, is not much of a choice. If we really want to change those choices we need to go to work to make those changes. We need change, from local govts to congress, that’s where the real power comes from. There are several groups. Brand New Congress is one. They have been running for several months and have ordinary people running in this years election. This group raises money from ordinary people to fund candidates running for all govt positions from local to congress. This means the candidate is not having to raise their own money to run. This eliminates super pacs who have their own agender,as we know. They train and run the candidates campaign for them. I think this is a good way for us to really change both parties and the whole voting system so it benefits all Americans not just a few. Better to do something and have a plan than do nothing and just accept the system as it is. :)

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