#Bailout2016 — the election bailout plan that could save us from both Trump and Hillary
Stu Burguiere

One big problem with Mitt and Utah. Bernie won it in a landslide and Mormons to their horror found out he cheated when he ran against Obama. So they wont vote for him. Most of them are now voting green. What about Chaffetz that might work.Trump is awful but Congress would never pass anything he wanted and possibly he would be impeached in 2 years Hillary however would be the worlds worst nightmare. The way her numbers are going down and his are going up she will lose. The DNC made a huge mistake going with her.If you want to go 3rd party Jills numbers are going up and with the majority of Bernies supporters joining her maybe she could pull it off. They will definitely turn out and vote because they want her to lose.Her platform is also similar to Bernie’s which will be better for the majority of people.