Berning in the city of Brotherly Love
Yvonne C. Claes

Sounds like you having a good time in spite of the heat. Lucky you to meet Cornel West he is such a sweet man.It must be fabulous being with all the other Berniecrats there. Sad about Bernie but who knows what will happen next in this crazy election. I’m not Demexiting I’m Bernie or Bust but I think millions have already left the dems and gone green. I’m like you not very fussy about Jill.Everyone’s talking about Jill being so amazing letting Bernie take top spot and she’ll be VP. I don’t have the heart to tell them that in an interview 2 days after Bernie endorsed Killary she said that offer was no longer on the table. I think Jill is out for Jill. Good platform but why didn’t she organise to be registered in all states like Bernie did.No I started with Bernie and love him. He ran an inspiring campaign with honesty and integrity. He took all the crap the DNC dished out with dignity thus ensuring he could go back to the Senate and not be ostrasized by both parties where he will continue to fight for the things he believes in and us. He is planning to campaign with other downticket progressives running this year and continuing his revolution to elect a brand new govt from local to congress by 2018.Great plan we can get rid of the old corrupt politicians and put progressive in,thus ensuring big money is out of politics. He is really smart. Also he is not giving the Dnc our email information and is giving any campaign funds left over to downticket progressives to help their campaigns.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Philly and I hope it gets cooler for you. #OurRevolution :)