Alt-right’s newest members: the Men’s-Rights movement

The Alt-Right is expanding with new members: the Men’s-Rights movement. And it’s not surprising: both have been rallying against women’s rights for many years and see feminism and its struggle for equality as the enemy.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept of Men’s-Rights — everyone deserves equal rights and treatment, be they men or women or something third. But the Men’s-Rights movement has largely embraced Donald Trump, mainly because he pandered to them during his many campaign speeches, once saying “the women get it better than we do, folks, they get it better than we do”. They’ve embraced a sexist, misogynistic man who “grabs women by the pussy”, because, you know, that’s cool and manly.

Trump and the Alt-Right are against political correctness, and Men’s-Rights advocates tend to see political correctness as the enemy, as a tool feminist use to silence them. Which of course is ludicrous.

And it seems that Men’s-Rights and Trump/Alt-right are a perfect fit, as Claire Landsbaum puts it:

“The men’s-rights movement represents a streak of misogyny that Trump’s candidacy helped bring to the forefront.”

Not only that, the Men’s-Rights movement has long been a gathering for pickup artists, who pride themselves in their ability to con women into sleeping with them (and worse). And of course, who rate women on a 1–10 scale, which Trump’s has been caught doing. These people have now joined the Alt-Right, which is already overflowing with sexism and racism.

Heck, if you’re really good at harassing, they’ll even give you a book deal.