Andy Warski, YouTube’s new alt-right star

“Women, if you want your equal rights, go fuck yourselves.”

That’s a line from a video made by YouTuber Andy Warski, whose channel has exploded in popularity over the past few months.

Warski has been on the platform for many years, but it’s only the last few months that his channel took off, thanks to support from the alt-right. It seems that the nastier his words got, the more his channel grew.

He now releases daily rants filled with racism, sexism, and general abuse, often telling his opponents to “go kill yourself” and calling women “cunts” (his preferred insult).

Canadian YouTuber Andy Warski

Watch one of his videos below, where he tells protesters at Berkley, among other things:

“I wish you were aborted”
“Women, if you want your equal rights, go fuck yourselves.”

In response to women protesters blocking a college campus, Warski replies, “Fuck your rights, you should not have any rights, you can suck my dick.”

“I hope some guy impregnates you and then leaves you and you’re a single mom and your kid starts doing drugs and then murders you for money”.

The video has almost 50,000 views and a 95% like ratio.

This is exactly why we need to speak up and why we need to protest. Not because there are people like Warski — there will always be people like him — but because he has thousands of followers who agree with that sort of rhetoric: “fuck you and your rights, you cunts”.

Warksi ends his video with a message to the white students protesting alongside black students:

“You fucking faggots. You are all faggots, you are fucking faggots, you should be shot”.

He adds “metaphorically”. As if that helps.

This is the kind of content that is growing rapidly on YouTube. The nastier the content, the more popular it is. To be fair, those on the extreme left are not without faults — YouTube has its fair share of social justice warriors who manage to give all of us a bad rep.

But as bad as the social justice warriors can get at times, I’ve never heard one say that people should be shot for having a certain belief, or that they wish their opponents “were aborted”.