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With today’s technology, it is more advance then it has ever been before. Virtual reality is a major stepping stone in technology that allows consumers to view something as if they were at the location in person. You might think that seeing a product in your own home or how a hair color changes your appearance is also virtual reality, but it is not, it is AR. Some virtual reality technology is used with AR (augmented reality) to create immersive shopping experiences. It merges the digital and the physical worlds into one. …

If you weren’t just born this year, you should already have a grasp on what had happened in the year 2020 and what is still going on.

The Story of the Pandemic:

January 1, at midnight the year started off like every other, where people cling glasses and say cheers to the New Year. Pretty sure, no one this year was expecting a huge pandemic to break out cross the world, instead people were making New Years resolutions to work-out more, to lose weight, or to even just simply be more productive. …

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The simple answer is no and this chart will explain why. This chart will also give some insight to why Big Data is important even if it can’t completely be the reason for making a marketing decision. Let’s take a deeper look into why data alone isn’t enough to make a marketing decision.

Everyone knows Google and what Google does. However, are you aware of the anti-trust lawsuit against Google? They are being sued for unfair business practices and controlling who and what shows up at the top of your search engine results page. According to ‘Media Posts’ blog they stated that Google has been monopolizing the digital advertising markets to benefits themselves. Google wants to have the dominant position in search advertising and that’s exactly what the company did. They leveraged themselves into a market that allowed them to beat their competitors in the same market space. …

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say social media is dangerous to our lives, but it does consume a lot of our time. Social media keeps us up to date on world news, local news, and new trends. I had just listened to The Prof G Showon Apple podcasts. Personally, it was a much longer podcast than I had preferred listening to, but it was insightful to hear what their guest speaker Sinan Aral had to say regarding if social media is ruining our lives. The podcast had caught my attention. When it began with how Disney had created the…

Maha is the seltzer for those who strive for more in everything they do. For those people who have the ability to do better, those that live to their potential, and those who want to be more.

As a responsible adult locked in their home during the global pandemic what else was there to do besides work, eat and sleep? Drink of course. delivered Maha beverages to your doorstep during the pandemic. Twenty-five weeks ago bring us back to May, 2020. In May of 2020, Maha posted on Instagram their collaboration with Drizly to announce how consumers can still…

Who else has thought about buying the $300, 12-foot-tall skeleton from Home Depot for their Halloween yard decoration? I certainly would if I didn’t live in a 200 square foot apartment in New York City. Sometime around October 7th, multiple companies have bought this 12-foot-skeleton and jumped on their own social media trend throughout various social media channels incorporating the skeleton with their brands.

With the hashtag, #12footskeleton Natural Light and Budweiser appear as top trending social media buzz on Facebook and Twitter.

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Just kidding; I have no idea. It’s like blowing on the Babe wine in your coffee mug to convince the rest of the zoom meeting that it is tea.

“Where ever you go, bring Babe with you.”

Want 10% off your next order for next week’s courses? Sign for their newsletter. It’s the first pop-up after entering your legal age to join their homepage. Babe’s homepage aesthetics are very appealing. Their color scheme is elegant but simplistic with a navy blue, light rose, and white. Babe has the navy blue bold color, which adds to the innovative trends. …

After taking the Fascinate Test, I found out I easily connect with people with a friendly approach. After a few short questions, this test shows me how the world sees me. My Archetype indicates how the world sees me and my primary advantage is Mystique while my second advantage is passion. Being mindful but tactical would describe who I am before taking this self-assessment test and now after taking the test, I believe it is 100% correct.

Janice Rega

NYU Integrated Marketing & Marketing Analytics Graduate Student | Lynn University Event Management Alumni

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