A week in Philadelphia. . .feeling the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Here we go!

Friday July 22: On the road to Philly from Western Kentucky by 5 am! Pick up my two fellow Berner travel mates. Life is good.

Uh oh. Clunk clunk sounds in Beaver Dam KY. Two hours and $486 later (wheel bearings and brake pads) we are back on the road. Nine hours to go. We arrive in Philly at 2 am. Police EVERYWHERE in the streets. We are safe.

Saturday July 23: In Charlie Grapski’s “Rights of DNC Delegates” at the historic Quaker Meeting House on Arch Street. Bliss.

In the “Peanut gallery” with other Bernie Delegates at the DNC rules Committee Meeting. So much promise, so little accomplished. Berners outside chanting “Open the doors” (not enough room for all spectators). Barney Frank DID know we were there. . .and he was NOT amused!

Monday July 25: In the Kentucky Democratic Lounge a life size Hillary cardboard figure greets us. We delegates haven’t voted yet, so technically BOTH candidates should have big cutout figures. . .just a preview of the “Hillary-centric” coming attractions at the Convention! The deck was stacked from Day One.

Looking through my DNC Delegate swag bag I come across this hardcover book — SERIOUSLY??!! Former Secret Service Agent Gary J Byrne’s bestseller “Crisis of Character” would have been more appropriate. Just sayin’. Told you the deck was stacked!

Monday July 25: Credentials in hand we Bernie delegates enter the Wells Fargo Convention Center (AKA, on location for “Fantasy Island — the Hillary Episodes”). There’s a live band (Doc Severinson good) and magnificent stage lighting. As slick as any Academy Awards production.

The opening prayer invokes blessings on one of the two candidates — guess which? Thankfully Spirit knows truth.

Staff distribute “unity-based” theme signs to ALL delegates for us to display at just the right time. Guess they figure if we hold the signs up we’ll start falling in line. Wishful thinking on their part. We put our signs on the floor.

Tuesday July 26: I meet Jake Quinn, a REAL Bernie Super Delegate. He is focused on getting down-ballot Berners elected. That’s the spirit!

The voting segment is too sad for me to discuss. Get your details from some other source. I go outside the hall for a break.

Hillary wins. Shocker.

But in the break area I almost immediately run into an entourage surrounding this fabulous woman. Selfie, please?! What are the chances?

Wednesday July 27: Two Bernie delegates after breakfast grieving a little but putting on a good front. Did I mention both are Reiki Masters?

Thursday July 28: these are the shirts Bernie delegates will wear into the Convention Hall tonight for the “Big C.” Just about the toughest duty I’ve ever done.

Speaking with the international media outside the hall.

Unable to bear any more of the Grand Illusion we depart for a nice dinner off property. Glad we did. The nominee holds forth for 50+ minutes. Since I don’t use Xanax, coping would be hard.

Back on the road for our 13-hour trek. My two travel mates (who were Bernie demonstrators) are a little sad but PUMPED. What we all saw this week has made us more resolute than ever to elect Berniecrats into public office.

The Revolution is alive and well and. On the move. My grandkids lived the Robin Hood hats, too. They are the future and even at age 10 they get it. There is HOPE!!

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