Making a blog


I am hesitant to blog (again) because things related to having an internet presence make me feel a little anxious. (It isn’t that I don’t want to be your Facebook friend, it is that I was psychologically suffering from the pressure of posting and what not). Also, journaling is very therapeutic to me, but it may feel weird to maintain a blog (that explores less personal problems and rants less) while still journaling to maintian my sanity.

But I will give it a try.

So today is June 1. I don’t know that this is particularly significant, but it is borderline unbelievable that it is already June. Of 2014. Two thousand fourteen. It sounds like we are in the future.

Maybe a brief update would be nice. I am about to start my last week of my time at Southern Oregon University through the National Student Exchange. On June 9th(ish) I will drive up to Washington to start my internship at S&S Homestead on Lopez Island. I am twenty years old now. I oscillate between being really excited about all the experiences ahead of me and fatigued by all the problems that lay ahead.

I guess here would be a cool space to outline some fun goals for each entry on this blog:

one new word or irrelevant factoid that I have learned

a new experience that I had

something that made me smile

something that still remains a mystery to me

But if you received an email with a link to this random blogging website (I heard it is super simple to use, so I am going for it), you are someone I care about and that I want to keep updated. If you ever remember to check this site, feel free to make comments (I think the little speech bubble with the + in it enables you do do this) because that will make me happy. I will try to post pictures, but I am also a little lazy about that.

Much love,