Why I emptied my fonts folder

Janina Aritao
Nov 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Decluttering your fonts folder is a good idea

1. I had accumulated 993 font files

I was shocked to discover how many font files I’ve accumulated over just a few years. Having too many fonts slows down the font-selection process for graphic designers.

2. I don’t even remember how I got some of them

A bunch of them were free fonts I was just trying out, so good riddance! A lot of them were poorly and hurriedly made. They don’t deserve to be in the same folder as Garamond or Helvetica.

3. I realized how little I knew about typeface usage rights

I wanted to get rid of all the fonts that were not system fonts or purchased. And learn more about typeface usage rights before I start loading up the folder with new fonts.

Licensing and usage rights are always a complicated thing, but as designers using other peoples’ creations, they are something we need to learn. Even free fonts have usage limitations.

4. My computer was getting frustratingly slow

Having too many fonts can slow down loading time for certain programs.

5. I want fewer typefaces and more meaningful use of them

Nine-hundred ninety three are just too many font friends for me. With my limited brain span, I feel like I can only truly get to know a limited number of typefaces and use them well.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

Janina Aritao

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Learn. Share. Repeat. | 45% writer, 35% graphic designer, 20% type design student

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