Designing for the Fool

Have you ever stared into the face of what is known, what is comfortable and taken a leap of faith into the unknown anyways? Burned that contentment to the ground in a sense or, at least abandoned it, for the inexplicable knowledge that something greater, more aligned was waiting?

Congratulations, you’re a Fool.

For those unfamiliar with the teachings of the Tarot, the Fool is card 0 — the card upon which each cycle of life (soul centered and earthly) is built upon. Lindsay Mack, an intuitive tarot reader, creator of Soul Tarot, and my mentor/idol, teaches that the Fool ushers us between the energies of each card and each transformation henceforth.

As I’ve been deep diving into my personal tarot practice, I can’t help but notice that the energy of the Fool so closely mirrors that of the entrepreneur; the visionary people who look at an industry, a problem, a product and have a deep knowing that they could have an impact, that they have something to offer. These are the people who are called to follow the voice that says “yes you can” while their brain is yelling ‘but my 401k!!!’

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, originally published in 1910 and still one of the most widely used, English language decks, we see a man holding only what he can carry, about to step off of a ledge. His eyes gaze upwards, and we assume that he does not need to see where he is going — he walks in faith that he is moving in the right direction. The white rose in his left hand symbolizing the purity of his intuition, the clarity of the call.

Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown deck represents the Fool with a sweet baby bird, standing on a thin branch, presumably about to try her hand at flying for the first time. The leap we take in the Fool is instinctual, it is inside of us, whether we understand how it was channeled or not.

The Fool represents a willingness to say yes to that deep knowledge — to follow what may not be a traditional path, but one that sings to you, one you can’t get out of your head despite your constant rationalizations.

What I have the pleasure of doing, along with our team at JSGD, is to help visionaries bring their dreams, their deepest knowings, to life. We’re along for the ride with you, can see what you see, because we have felt it before, and are tuned into the energy of the Fool too.

We had the great privilege of receiving testimonials from some of our beloved clients recently and what was said repeatedly was that our team is able to take ‘what is in their heads and make it into something beautiful’.

It is because we believe in tuning into that voice, that when the Fool calls to you, you don’t hit ignore, despite your doubts. It’s a palpable energy, one that we look for in all of our clients in order to hold space for, cradle in our arms and build something from.

Being an entrepreneur is a great leap of faith. It is a willingness to say yes, despite fear, pain and judgement. It is a quiet, nagging, knowing that you have more to give and it is the courage to deliver. You tell me, is that foolish?

We certainly don’t think so.

If you’re hearing the call to start your business or level up and change the game, let’s chat.