Moving Forward!

I’m not going back. I am moving ahead.

This week, I STRUGGLED with finding my wins to celebrate. Every Wednesday in my membership community The #BOSSITLIVE Tribe we take the time to reflect on our wins for the week, instead of just seeing Wednesday as Hump Day. Usually, I am right there on the Social Media front lines to share all of my goals and achieved targets, but this week I was silent.

I was silent because I didn’t feel like a winner.

If you’re anything like me, missing goals and targets can leave you feeling a little lacklustre. You can question if you are actually “winning” in business and in life, but this should never be questioned. We are continually winning simply by the fact that we are moving forward every single day when we decide to get up and do something with our lives.

No matter how big or small, we need to remind ourselves of this and honor the process that we are being guided through.

Whilst we should always set goals for achievement, we have to make sure we don’t put so much pressure on ourselves that if we don’t meet a set target, it means that we have nothing to celebrate or that we have failed.

This is categorically not true. We are winning every single day and we have to get into the habit of looking at and practising gratitude for how far we have come; because every single one of us have moved forward. We are continually making changes for the betterment of our lives and sometimes we have to take the pressure off ourselves to allow for new things and greater successes to happen. So how do we do this?

1. Acknowledging all of our previous successes.

2. Journaling.

3. Practising gratitude.

4. Affirming each day that we ARE winners and why.

5. Setting intentions for future wins.

As simplistic as this sounds, it’s amazing how many of us neglect to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves. We are often too quick to critique ourselves; look for faults and be hard on ourselves instead of giving that same speed to celebrating ourselves.

I want to encourage you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you deserve to be celebrated for everything that you do to make a difference in your life and in this world.

#StayWinning folks!

Until next time….

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