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I happened to turn on the radio and heard a DJ say “in a year this will all seem like a little blip in our lives.” I could not disagree more. What we have all experienced in the last 6 months is pivotal, make-or-break and trajectory-changing. Nothing will ever be the same. And that’s a good thing. Often the biggest periods of growth and evolution are born of crises. This is a time of sea change, not subtle shifts.

As an Executive Coach, I’m deep in it with leaders who have had no choice but to adapt. It was one way, and then it simply was another way. There wasn’t a pandemic, and then there was. There wasn’t the murder of George Floyd, and then there was. Status quo ceased being an option. …


janine davis

Exec Coach @evolutionsvc, BoD Women Founders Network. Mentor at @techstars, ScaleHealth

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