As the faint scent of yung teenage durian still lingers in the kitchen, I harken back to last night when first I tried this weird, weird fruit in the flesh for the first time. It didn’t go over so well. I discovered that I am not such a fan of the rotten pineapple custard with a meaty aftertaste.

So let me instead take a few minutes to pay tribute to the best fruit in the universe (IMHO), that just came back in season a few weeks ago.

The Mangosteen

A pride of mangosteen, basking in artificial light. Photo credit: مانفی — , CC BY-SA 4.0,

Mangosteen, o Mangosteen, you are the moon,
Small but mighty,
With an irresistible lure that draws the trees and the seas towards you.

O Mangosteen, you are a constellation,
With multiple moving parts,
Tastefully open to interpretation.

Mangosteen, you are heaven and earth,
Because you taste like heaven and earth… combined.

O Mangosteen, you are the sun and the stars, 
Round and ever-radiant.
Alright, slightly oblong, purple, and relatively non-luminous but nonetheless spherically magnificent.

Mangosteen amongst mangosteens, you are a blackhole,
Seemingly vacuous, hollow even,
But a surprise lies within.

Mangosteen, you are the Aurora Australis, Borealis.
How do you even exist? And why are you such a rare sighting in the continental US? Even through import trade?

O Mangosteen, you may be only one small part of this universe,
Immeasurable and incomparable in taste,
A mystery that no one can decode with your interior-exterior combo,
But you exist on an ethereal plane of your own
And never cease to amaze me.

There must be a higher power surely.

For more information on the plight of the illustrious mangosteen in America, please refer to this NY Times article from 2006.

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