Just Be What?

Just Be…………….

Just Be, what the heck does this mean, Just Be. Just Be what, silent, happy, confused, present. This saying drove me crazy. I could never figure out what it meant to Just Be____________________ whatever. I never knew what to fill in the blank with, what I could accomplish.

Then one day I was talking to a friend about overcoming her urge to always insert her story, ideas, opinions in someone else’ s conversation or story. So what did I say: Yep, I said, “Just Be silent? Just Be present. Just be.” To which she looked at me and said, “Just Be how you do that?”

First you must understand what Just Be means. Just Be is a present moment in time. It is the right now and right here. It is not the past nor is it the future. Now that we understand that we do not need to go anywhere, move in a certain way, or get something. Just standing here, sitting here, reading this is a form of to Just Be. What follows makes all the difference. The word you choose determines what happens.

Let’s use Just Be silent based on the scenario I mentioned above. This is what I explained to my friend. While another person is speaking, they have the floor. How can you respond, stick your opinion in it, or try and make it yours, when it isn’t. This is their story, issue, progress, allow them to have this. Just Be silent. Do not speak; do not interject your thoughts, beliefs, opinions into their story. Just Be silent.

This does not mean you are not interested, it means, you are present. While you are not speaking adding your thoughts, you are fully present to really hear what they are saying. As you are present you will hear things you normally wouldn’t while you are trying to insert yourself into the conversation. It is through this process you are holding space for another. Holding space gives the person speaking the freedom to be authentic, to be raw, to feel supported, and most importantly, be heard. All you have to do is Just Be silent.