How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Naturally

Have you got wrinkles or the start of the dreaded crinkly skin?

Do you, like most people, think that once you’ve got them there is nothing you can do about them?

Well fret not as there is lots you can do to banish them, or at least reduce them dramatically. Personally I don’t mind a few lines as I think they add character but none of us want to look like a dried up old prune. Fortunately there is quite a lot that you can do to be prune free. Phew!

I’m going to introduce to you 3 magic ingredients that are going to pay a key role in banishing those crows feet and wrinkly foreheads

I’m a big advocator of fixing the skin from the inside out as what is going on with the skin is a big indicator of what is happening on the inside. So I could talk to you now about the benefits of good nutrition, juicing, eating tons of fresh raw veggies, salads, making sure you get enough sleep regularly and drinking water like it’s going out of fashion. All of which are of course essential to having healthy, clear and more importantly wrinkle free skin. However, today I’m going to tell you instead what you can do about wrinkles by applying some incredibly powerful, natural and easily available products directly to your skin. The war against wrinkles should really be an inside and outside job to have maximum effect. Ready to rise to the challenge? Read on…

The first magic ingredient I’m going to share with you is Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an amazing oil. (I’m talking about the cold pressed virgin coconut oil, not the refined one). Firstly it is incredibly hydrating. Our skin becomes more wrinkly when dehydrated. In the same way a piece of fruit shrivels and wrinkles up as the moisture leaves it so does our skin. Dehydration is one of the key culprits in prematurely ageing skin and the appearance of those pesky wrinkles. So you can start to combat the dreaded dehydration immediately by applying this wonderous oil directly to your skin

Secondly it is known to rebuild our skin tissue. Damaged connective tissues are often the cause of wrinkles and coconut oil rebuilds our connective tissues. Pretty amazing. It’s so good and pure you can even eat it too! Regularly apply it to your skin and taking it internally to eliminate those wrinkles

The next magical ingredients are Carrots and Beetroot. (Or beet if you are in the US)

These two wonder juices are really quite powerful. Carrot juice is packed with vitamin A which is, as you may already know, is wonderful for the skin. Which is why a lot of the expensive facial creams contain it.

Beetroot is known to repair our DNA. Applying beetroot juice directly to your wrinkly areas is a powerful way to rebuild the damaged skin. It is damaged skin that often causes wrinkles so repairing it is one of the ways to banish those wrinkles and beetroot can certainly help with that- possibly by repairing the DNA of the damaged tissue. You can combine the two juices and you need to leave them on your skin for at least ten minutes before you rinse them off. As you only need one or two tablespoons of the juice each time that means you can drink any juice that is left over. I really encourage you to do this as not only is it delicious it also gets to work on your skin from the inside too. Feel free to add some other ingredients to your juice before you drink it.

Now here comes an extra bonus. When you apply carrot and beetroot juice to your skin with the coconut oil it increases the benefits of both. Fantastic. Coconut oil in addition to its hydration benefits has absorptive properties which means that it will help to pull the juices into the skin.

In my next post I will share with you another magical natural ingredient to exfoliate your skin once you’ve been using the coconut oil and juices. This will remove the layer of dead skin helping these potent ingredients to work deeper and revealing your younger fresher skin underneath

Until then have fun experimenting with your new magical beauty ingredients!