How to Land a Job through AngelList

Janine Yorio
Jan 15, 2017 · 4 min read

Advice from an Actively-Recruiting Startup Founder

I’ve met and hired phenomenal talent through AngelList, so I’m a huge fan. However, it’s also been very eye-opening to see how most candidates handle the jobseeking process and how many get it so wrong.

Here are ten things you should know about about finding a job on AngelList, based upon my experience hiring:

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What AngelList looks like to the hiring company. (Too many candidates!)
  1. Know your audience. When you apply for a job on AngelList, especially one at an early-stage startup, you are most likely dealing directly with the CEO or another decisionmaker. Typically, there is no Head of HR or hiring manager acting as intermediary. That means that every interaction you have during the process is probably with the ultimate decisionmaker. Every impression you make counts. Don’t squander it.

Most importantly, know that I desperately hope that you are the perfect candidate. I don’t want to interview 23 other candidates; I want to hire you right there on the spot. That’s the truth!

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