19 no-bullshit advice for guys in their twenties… that I want to pass on to my future son.

1. Try to figure out who you actually are and what you actually like to do. Say YES to ‘everything’, just to expand your horizons. It’s going to be easier to choose your path later, if you try tons of things now.

2. Experiment a lot. Accept higher risks. You can probably still go back to your mother’s basement and start from the bottom if you fail miserably. You can always get new friends, new job, new almost anything… Especially when you have most of your life still in front of you.

3. Realize you don’t know shit. But it’s ok. Just move forward…

4. Be quick, but not in a hurry. Don’t take more time than needed. Go to next levels fast. Life is short, you don’t have much time.

5. Work hard, play hard. Work your fucking ass off and then have a wild party until the sunrise. Try all types of girls, all types of alcohol, do stupid things you will probably regret later… and then wake up early to work hard again!

6. Live healthy. Not just because of your appearance or longevity, but because you will feel better. Believe me, your brain is going to work sooo much better. Btw don’t listen to people that advocate high carbs low fat diets…

7. Work on yourself. We are all a bit fucked up, we all have some kind of weird problems — fix them asap! Otherwise it’s gonna bite you in the ass later. Meditate, have deep conversations with wise people, do weird retreats if you need them, even try a high quality psychiatrist if needed…

8. Learn! Educate yourself. There is limited amount of hours you can work… but there is no limit how smart you can work.. and live! If you know college won’t bring you what you want, drop out today. Yes, today. Don’t spend another day doing wrong things. If you are not at least 80% sure about dropping out, finish college. Make sure you get the best mentors. Read a lot of good books!

9. Fuck (most) drugs. Weed is stupid. If you’re really smart and disciplined, maybe experiment with psychedelics and smart drugs, but not before late twenties. You don’t need to stay away from people that are doing drugs, because sometimes they are the best company to party with and they usually have different & interesting insights that you can learn from. Btw drinking alcohol is stupid as well.

10. Start listening to yourself more and to your parents less. It’s your life. They don’t really want you to listen to them as much as they want you to live a happy life. If you need, disappoint them on a short run… they will forgive you later if you get it right in the long run.

11. Love fully. Girlfriend can be the best or the worst thing of your life. Conventional marriage is failing, do your own thing instead.

12. Be kind to people. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Don’t judge, understand.

12. Travel to learn different ways people live, but don’t travel too much, because it can ruin your focus.

13. Every year get more focused. You can become anything, but not everything.

14. Give more than you take. Secret to living is giving!

15. Learn how to earn money. It’s scientifically proven that it will make you more happy to some extent, you will be able to help people that need it, you can buy some time with it etc. No excuses!

16. Don’t take things personally.

17. Set goals and review them at least monthly. Be specific what you want to achieve and give it an exact deadline.

18. You can have an epic successful life. It’s totally possible. I’m not even kidding. Even if your mom doesn’t believe in you, it’s possible. But you have to see it for yourself.

19. Life probably doesn’t have a meaning, but live it like it does.

Extra advice: Choose your friends carefully. We usually become the average of closest people we spend the most time with… this is probably the most important advice.

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