And getting the thrill of Alice in Wonderland

Janique Laudouar
Oct 28, 2018 · 8 min read
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« How long until robots rule the world? »

Robots at the Web Summit 2017 were exotic weirdos. At the Web Summit 2018 they are entering our lives. How and why : a number of divergent and exciting answers from experts are splashing the web. Cédric Villani, French mathematician, Fields Medalist; Deputy at Assemblée nationale will be there, and small and big companies have AI at the center of their development.The Web Summit asked the press and who they would like to meet and here is my choice.

Dr. Ben Goertzel (source image Web Summit)

Meeting with Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and leading expert on Artificial General Intelligence as a man who sees « robots as agents of human consciousness expansion. » is a must.

« More and more, it is realized that within the next few decades there will be a transition to new society and economy in which machine intelligence is the dominant factor ; and novel digital and organic technologies acting on multiple scales will network together to produce emergent « global brain ». » (Hong-Kong) offers a vison of « an open network » and a will to address « an acute and accelerated market » . Reading the « White paper » Singularity published, I was impressed by the detailed technical and business roadmap. Why I want to meet Dr Ben Goertzel? « The non-profit SingularityNET Foundation is responsible for building, supervising and accelerating growth of the SingularityNET network and marketplace . The fact that SingularityNET claims it will be an open network » renews with the spirit of the creation of the World Wide Web plus gathering prestigious partners, such as Hanson Robotics.

Ben Goertzel () and Charlotte Jee (MIT Technology Review) November 7 12- 12.30
« With Sophia the Robot and Han the robot

Source image Intuitive Pro

« Can a machine think? » (Sherpa)

Helping users, helpings organizations is what we expect from AI in our daily life. Of course connecting with asian speakers is also an added value since China is so much in the news. We interviewed Valery Grancher (Hong-Kong, Paris) artist and consultant who will come to the Web Summit with Intuitive Pro “ Intuition Pro : une start-up en route pour le Web Summit 2018 “ developed in Shenzen Valley Venture and his team was selected to be part of the Web Summit start-up program. Maybe Chadwick Xu CEO at Shenzhen Valley Ventures can tell us more.

Orb After Mondrian de Valéry Grancher — Reconstitution 3D de l’atelier de Piet Mondrian

As an artist Valery Grancher was a pionner using tech and new media in his art, and then back to figurative. Today among ather tools he uses VR Google Tilt Brush.

Another predictive tool I am curious about is Sherpa, the personal predictive assistant. Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Sherpa « Based on robust Machine Learning techniques, its Artificial Intelligence Algorithms predict and anticipate users’ needs before they are even expressed. »

« Decision intelligence » will be the topic of Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist, Google). Linkedlin CDO Igor Perisic will be talking about « the magic of democratized AI ».

A renaissance of the content? #content

“When presidents drop headlines with a single tweet, where do the media fit in?” Web Summit is exploring the future of content creation at ContentMakers with four curated content streams : TV, film and ads, News, Gaming, Storytelling. Content creators and people telling stories will discuss « life after linear » or « Storytelling for the planet » or how to go “From Zero to Viral”.

Ev Williams on twitter @ev

”Hope I can arrange meeting with Ev Williams, founder and CEO at Medium. Previously involved in the founding of Blogger, Twitter. As a reader and writer and fan of Medium just like most of my French friends here are a few questions.When and why did he imagine to bet about quality articles emerging from various individuals ? How did the team come to design for the right architecture simple and efficient to use? What are the most successful topics on Medium? What about The Moth and podcast? And now time or monetization : how many are subscribing to the Medium Premium version with a 5 dollars monthly fee? Is this a sustainable model for the alternative press.

Ev Williams November 8 14.10 14.25

Caspar Lee source image Influencer

Hey what can you tell us about the You Tube Phenomena? Meet you Tube star Caspar Lee : « South African video blogger whose YouTube channel has earned over 7 million subscribers. He’s gained fame for his vlog, prank, and challenge videos as well as his collaborations with other famous YouTubers. »
He is behind and active at


And if by that time you feel overloaded by too much information and too many connexions do not forget « A Calm mind is a creative mind » says Alex Tew. Calm is one of the most popular app.

Vrtual reality artist Anna Zhilyaeva (Anna’s Dream Brush) uses Google Tilt Brush live performance at Le Louvre

The Web Summit Women

” (t) The presence of women is rather well balanced and here are some remarkable women. Gillian Tans ( is one of them and indeed we have to thank her for specific space. She will be talking about Booking as a brand in Asia and what happens when west meets east.

Women profiles at Web Summit never cease to amaze me : amazing mixed Martial Artist Paige VanZant who fights for the UFC, amazing. As a traveller I found Ruzwana Bashir profile and company intriguing : Peek Travel . She describes herself as « a travel junkie, having navigated her way through 40 countries. » Women are operating in very different fields, and the Web Summit allows us to meet not only CEO but exotic and atypic personalities. Extraordinary women indeed. I am curious about Khaliya « currently working on a book on the future of mental health with a particular emphasis on new modalities, such as psychedelics and neurotech. » Why? I think mental health will soon become a priority with violence and toxic behaviors poisoning our life.

Tech and Good Governance

Governance of the Web : Tim Berners-Lee (Wold Wide Web Foundation and World Wide Web inventor )is one of the most in demand speaker, he call us to « fight for the web we want”.

November 5 18.40 19.00Tim Berners-Lee (Web Fondation) Laurie Senior Technology Correspondent CNN)
with Jacqueline Fuller

Paola Pisano Deputy Mayo for Innovation at Turin, Italy source image :

For Le Blog de la Ménagère, a blog that been an observer of civic tech movements and citizens participation, Paola Pisano would be THE woman to interview about LA STRATEGIA DIGITALE DI TORINO « Deputy Mayor for Innovation and Smart City at Turin, Italy. She developed the strategy of innovation and digitalization of the city of Torino based on citizens participation and the creation of a cutting-edge innovation testing lab.

Transparency is another powerful point in tech and politics. Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie will be there. Known for revealing how« Turning data on an estimated tens of millions of US voters into a high-tech political persuasion machine », how Donald Trump campaign used data scraped from Facebook to win presidency.

In Politics Smart Governance (Portugal) @cdsmartgov is what we need and the tools that go with it. Portugal was involved from the start in the idea of mixing social good and tech. Jeanne Bretecher Cofounder & President at Social Good Accelerator. A French delegation Social Good Accelatetor will present on their space a “« delegation of associations, social entrepeneurs, social innovators and foundations, we are working together to encourage Tech and Social Good actors to work together to create innovative solutions in Europe”.Their moto is the title of the conference :
Other remarkable actions by women to help to help : « Princess Beatrice of York Big Change Charitable Trust, which seeks out and supports projects across the UK that are improving the lives of young people. » Josephine Goube CEO of Techfugees has recently annouced “Google for Entrepreneurs and Techfugees team up for global impact”
One regret : no coference about “the commons” as a Growing Global Movement, meeting with P2P Foundation would have been interesting.
While browsing through the 1000 speakers from so many countries, you get the thrill of Alice in Wonderland. See you at the Web Summit!

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