0.1 % Life I know. Storytelling / Chapter 1

Design and Art is Best Fiends.

illustration by Janis Rozenfelds.

Hello, I am Janis Rozenfelds 야니스 and here is life in my feet. It’s not to share my selfish needs but my passion, empowering and inspiring you in way to think creatively. I hope sparing your time reading “0.1% Life I know” focusing on storytelling will courage you to create/to do something amazing for you life journey or career. You will find my way through art to have huge desire to learn and discover fundamental principle in creative thinking.

In pciture Janis Rozenfelds. Some where in Milan Italy / Young and foolish.

First I would like to dedicated those who were by my side — friends, neighbors, coffee shop friends, hiking friends (Julien), professors and many more who I met in my life. Most immortally to my family who where by my side in my hard times. I think it’s never too late to say THANK YOU. My life changed a lot because of you my dear friends and I would love to mention all of them here but that would be long boring list for you. You all ready know better who are they.

I write “0.1% Life I know” 2016 at summer but was too long and I was not sure to publish it, as same with “Be Nice and Do Nice Things”. I split it in parts for shorten the story, because to focus on single chapter.

My journey started with Storytelling.

Since early childhood I smile a lot and struggle a lot. I have curiosity and passion to discover something new. Like all kids have, but things changed in my early age. My mom started to bring me to different crafting schools. I was exited to paint with my hands and make everything dirty such as doodling, crafting, drawing and dancing ballet. This has often been a big advantage for me in way to explore creativity. Trying something, exploring and creating is something I love but that time I didn’t understand lot about the world we live and what I want to do in my life. I was dreaming in my own way and maybe even to day, but some things get bit different than usual— I specially remember one specific moment when I painted a tragic accident around 1997 year for “Princess Diana”. I express feelings and memories about the accident.

Left side Janis Rozenfelds and right side my big brother Rober. Picture from late 80s or early 90s.
That point I understand that art can tell you powerful story and reflect questions. You can have memories and as well it gives meaning to our lives.

It was the moment I started to paint stories and more I do more I value if this work have meaning in the best way I can do. Trying tell in different dimensions, forms, colors and shapes. I was never overwhelmed of my work becasue I know I was amateur but storytelling through painting is more meaningful than with out. It applies everywhere around us because art asks questions and surround us with mystery and curiosity. How brand could exist with out story ? or You with out story ? Story is part of us and Yes it’s easy to pick up a blank paper and start painting but never easy to build story or storytelling painting because comes naturally with practice.

Many years since that I started to study art to tell stories through paintings. I was trying to find balance between the stories, art and what I love to do in since it actually matters. More I love what I do more I get something like chemistry which makes me to love everyone around me. Sounds silly but I get crazily happy by doing somethings what I love and what is challenging for me. If my art can impact and change your daily life to inspire you, that I think I did great job, but not always it happens like that.

Here I am with my big brother Robert, mom and in the middle it’s me Janis Rozenfelds /~1989 year.

Even this moment art is not big part of my life as designer but it’s part of my daily work. Art is combination of design. Why?—

Art is appealing to look at beautiful art piece. It shares feelings, stories and asks questions to bing mystery. Designing other hand responsible for functionality to solve the problems and answer the questions.

it’s simply:

“Design and Art best friends” — Janis R.

Ther is resone why I beleave it’s “best friends”. Art is for creditability to over come the barriers and tell stories. As I mentioned design is for functionality. In simple words having them together creates meaningful value to have functuanly and storytelling. It gives more depth to the product/project. We are humans we need something more then functionality and beautiful design. That’s why art comes handy. Art and design don’t just reflect to our society but they shape our society and move forward for better.

I applyed my knowlege in my profession as digital designer to tell stroies through my work. I have passion to constantly learn and discover how design can change the world for better place but I never consider myself as the best. It’s allways on going process of learning, but it enable me new discovery in sense it’s actually meaningful to our lives. Design is in way we experience in our daily lives and it have so many ways and possibilities to interact and change the way we touch, communicate, gain new knowledge through products and learning. That’s why I dedicate my life to design because there is so many possibilities, it’s like never ending innovation and constantly learning. I can say for past 12 years designing is my passion. Most immortally what I believe that art and design communicates with people and tells a stories through your experience.

There is many profesional designers talking about art and design but one stand out the most John Maeda as well one of my favorite tweets. I highly suggest to watch.

Here is more regards to storytelling. Today I came across with Ira Glass video about storytelling and I think he explains it in interesting way. What I think was important from the video that never quit what your doing. Long term it will enhance your skills and that’s what I am doing and you should too. Even storytelling and design will not help you because everything comes with practice.

Storytelling with Ira Glass @iraglass.

Ira Glass and John Maeda have different way of telling and thats great beacsue we are not the same. Before I finish I would like give you a tip — if your get stuck at work with any project your currently doing then think about storytelling and functionality. What can it tell to your audience or to you? Is it intreating/appealing? Is your product functional and meaningful?

These are very basic questions to solve the problems which can guid you for better product or project. As allways thank you for reading , take care!

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