Branding a Product

This is where I’m stuck, right now.

Right at the beginning.

It should be easy, right? Or at least, this part seems like it should be easier than writing thousands of lines of code, designing the product to be inviting, visually pleasing, and friendly, marketing the heck out of your product, and deploying the product in a way that if many people use it concurrently, it won’t break (or break the bank).

But no, it’s _really_ hard, for me at least. Because whatever I call my product, the emotions of the name and the sounds of the product follows it like some shadow. The show Silicon Valley spent an entire episode on giving their product a name.

My old product, NanoWrito, was lazy and to the point. This product’s scope should be wider. What does it do? It should help writers write. Become the enemy of writer’s block. Boost creative juices until they burst. It should be fun, lighthearted. All of that.

So I’m thinking “food” (I’m always thinking food) — my old slogan used to be “write deliciously” and I think that would be fun. Everyone would like to cook delicious foods, so why not write delicious novels? So I went down the food theme. NovelCake? WriteDeliciously? Both not taken. Idk.

My friend asked “what’s with the food theme” and I honestly didn’t have a good answer. What about animals? She brought up NovelPanda! Cute (and bonus: the Atlanta chapter’s NaNoWriMo mascot is a panda)! But it’s taken. Womp womp.

Thinking about NovelMonkey. It alludes to monkeys at a typewriter, and a popular local startup you might have heard of called Mailchimp.

Still sitting on it. Will get back later.

Edit: The product is now called NovelMonkey! Just bought the domain, and registering @thenovelmonkey on twitter. Maybe creating a separate user account here to keep these posts separate from my own account.

Keep you posted.