Embrace the change

I have been a native mobile apps developer for Android for nearly 7 years now. When I wrote my first native ‘Hello World’ Android app, I wrote it for Froyo. I got pretty good at it very quickly and changed my position as a web developer back then to a native Android applications developer.

The only reason I was not a native iOS applications developer was the staggering initial cost I had to bare in order to just even write my first ‘Hello World’ app. Come 2013, I wanted to leave my current employer looking for a new employer who is more focused on native mobile application development. And I did.

The new employer had 3 different departments for web, iOS and Android development and I happily embraced the ‘Teach Lead’ position for Android and worked on many projects. The sudden load of responsibility of just working with applications to taking care of the full life cycle of development from getting the initial idea from the client to releasing the app to the public was intense. But I somehow pushed through in all such cases for the sake of my portfolio. It’s all I cared about because I was planning to embrace the next change. Getting into other major mobile platforms.

When I had that idea there were 3 big platforms. Namely, Android, iOS and Windows. Titan by Samsung was initiated and I had hopes for it but it’s 2017 now and I don’t see it anywhere.

Right now I’m happily employed at ‘99x Technology’ working on a project where I deal with two native code bases, Android and iOS. I started on this project in 2015 when I joined ‘99x Technology’ and thought to my self, ‘the next change I might embrace is IoT’. It hasn’t happened yet. The main reason being I want to evolve the existing project I’m working on, to something better. While it’s a slight deviation of my master plan I’m positively engaged in it because it came as a nice surprise.

What I’m talking about is revamping the existing project with React Native. It gained such momentum in such little time, for people like me with a fixed game plan for the next 5 years, it most certainly proved to be something worth the trouble.

With this short anecdote I’m hoping to start a series of Medium articles where I will share my journey converting my current project to React Native, share my troubles, the ups, the downs and mostly why it is worth the trouble.