Is it important?

Trivial means something of very little importance or value. Insignificant.

It also means commonplace and ordinary. Sleep, food, walking. This is not against that kind of trivial.

We are now against insignificant. We are for significant.

What is significant?

The quality of being worthy of attention; importance.

What is important — and thus significant — is personal, up to you.

Now sit on that bench and ask yourself:

Is browsing social media feed important?


Is all that trivial criticizing important? (“I had to wait 10 minutes for service, now I’m totally pissed off!”)

Is aggression important?

Is it important to try to be that clever guy around Twitter — To shell out one-liners and stare your increasing follower count?

Is it important to moan, whine and squawk about everything? Or even about something?

Is it important to listen to those who whine all the time?

Is it important to keep poisonous people around us?

Is it important to use minutes and hours to create a personal brand?


Reality television, gossip, rumors, fashion, traveling, tech, nature, work, latest news, decoration, stuff, academic grades, politics, money — important or unimportant? Significant or insignificant?

It’s up to you.

But remember: All that you choose might be off of something way more important.