If You Want to Get Somewhere, First Buy A Ticket

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US and Teachers’ Day in Korea

I started my adventure in my teens. I was not following the rules and I had no respect for the status quo when I was a child. People thought I was a troublemaker. But I have always thought about pursuing a happy life while I am alive.

I found out that when I change my mind-set it makes me happy. I had to overcome learning disabilities such as dyslexia and Amok Rote Learning, but despite all my challenges I was able to regain confidence in myself, thanks to my mother and mentors who guided me towards the right path of life. They have inspired me to do better in life. They have not only been great teachers but also friends, guides, and mentors.

Most people don’t get those experiences because they never ask. -Steve Jobs
My recent trips to Tokyo and Jeju Island were amazing

Most people are just afraid to ask people for help. You need to find people who can be drawn to the idea that you are building or that you have already built in the right set. And then they can help you make it even better. You need to buy a ticket to get to a destination. If there was anything I wanted to achieve, or anyone I wanted to meet, I always took action by taking the first step of purchasing a ticket to get there. Start acting what you want to do. I think this will brings you the change.

I’m still so grateful to have my mother and my mentors in my life. Whenever people come to me with a question or a favor, I try to be as responsive as possible to pay back the gratitude that I have received.

Happy belated Mother’s and Teachers’ Day!

Jangho J. Choi