History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

“In a nutshell, at university I would fail a paper if I didn’t compare at least two, if not three opposing views on a topic.”

Maybe you should live up to your own standards then and consider different (and perhaps less insane) interpretations of current affairs?

This kind of ideological oneupmanship is what brought about the current populism in the first place. For decades the only thing we learned from high-minded politicians and intellectuals is that we either support the most idealistic policies, e.g. open borders, multiculturalism and globalization, or we are “bigots”, “nazis”, “losers (of globalization)”, etc. Well guess what, most citizens don’t agree as they see what happens to their streets, to their jobs. They might be wrong and short-sighted, but calling them names surely isn’t an argument.

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