Digital Innovation — Building Successful Systems And Architectures

Five people in suits around one computer used only with one hand.

1. Missing benefit for the consumer

No need to be a hipster: It is possible to build innovative solutions without ever growing a beard.

2. Perfect solutions and the missing problem

3. Microinventing overhyped

4. Reinventing the square wheel

Building innovative software is not a party — it’s people sitting in front of a computer writing code.

5. User centricity — “It looks too programmed!”

6. Distrusting technology — even in technology

A plan without execution is worse than an execution without a plan. Execute more than you plan.

7. Plan, plan, plan — never execute

Colored notes look nice, but don’t produce code. Stay organised, but build more than you organise.

8. The Water-Scrum-Fall Daily Stand-Up

9. The almighty arguments against it

Become successful by solving important problems using technology — as simple as that.

10. This doohickey is the future!

Nothing explodes overnight

I love technology, programming, computers, mobile devices and the world of tomorrow.

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Jan Kammerath

Jan Kammerath

I love technology, programming, computers, mobile devices and the world of tomorrow.

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