How software kills the climate and what software engineers can do about it

Software can kill the climate and thus produce invisible waste

Modern cloud computing adds a price-tag to it

Software inefficiency kills our planet

  1. Does my code really need to execute this way or is there a more efficient way to perform the same task in a shorter timeframe with less energy consumption? (e.g. CPU utilization)
  2. Does my code really need to perform specific tasks in that frequency or can things like event-driven designs and architectures reduce the frequency?
  3. Does my code or program only execute when it is really needed or does it run as resource-consuming background services even when not needed?
  4. Does my code or program only allocate the memory really required or does it allocate more resources than it actually needs to perform its tasks? (Maybe because you might be afraid of memory constraints)
  5. Are there resources in idle that consume energy even when my code or program does not execute or do anything? (e.g. webservers or database capacity in idle)

When software forces you to waste energy

  1. Does my program offer the user the easiest, most intuitive and fastest way to complete the task at hand?
  2. Is my user interface designed in a way that the user can immediately navigate through my program?
  3. Have I removed all obstacles that might confuse the user, cost the user time to complete a task and thus waste energy and natural resources?
  4. Do I have any unnecessary animations that block the user flow through my application and consume more energy by using the user’s GPU and draining the user’s battery faster than necessary?
  5. Is my software or program automated as much as possible so that my program can execute tasks autonomously without the user and thus ensure the maximum efficiency when executing tasks?

Final thoughts on software and climate change

I love technology, programming, computers, mobile devices and the world of tomorrow.

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Jan Kammerath

Jan Kammerath

I love technology, programming, computers, mobile devices and the world of tomorrow.

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