Shuruvat-The beginning

I don’t know how to start or what to write about.. I guess that is the case with all new beginnings in life.

I have created a blog — Dreamers, Passion Seekers and Go-Getters (

My blog will help anybody who has a dream but no direction. It will help them take that first step because I believe the most difficult thing in life is to take that first step and then begins the journey… Life is indeed like a flowing river of opportunities, its upto you to stand up with a bucket or a spoon…

I believe that money or background is not the deciding factor in life. What decides a person’s destiny is FAITH and BELIEF. I have observed through my experiences of life and through experiences of others, that when there is belief in a dream and the will to say that no matter what the consequences are, I will do what it takes to reach where I want to reach, things fall in place automatically.

I am going to start by writing some posts about one of the most challenging goals of my life — Getting to a point where I feel fit and healthy. By now you must have guessed that I am a fat girl trying to lose weight and trying to get rid of the medical conditions related to the extra weight!!!

So I have finally made a new beginning this new year and have decided to reach my goal weight. This topic will be my first series of posts on new beginnings in life, hope it inspires my readers.