Birthdays of your Facebook friends right inside your Google Calendar

For many people, checking their friends’ birthday is one of the few reasons they keep visiting Facebook. Noble intentions, but also a danger to your productivity. Don’t let yourself fall down the rabbit hole of mindless newsfeed scrolling. There is a better way!

How about having your friends’ birthdays automatically imported to your Google Calendar? Easy.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to Birthdays.
  2. In the right column, look for this section:

3. Click on Birthdays.

4. You’ll see this dialog:

5. Copy the requested link, e.g. webcal://

6. Go to your Google Calendar.

7. In the bottom-left corner, under Other calendars, click the down arrow, and Add by URL.

8. Paste the link you copied from your Facebook account:

9. Click Add Calendar. Done!

The cool part is that you are now subscribed to the feed of your friends’ birthdays, so if you add new friends, their birthdays will be shown as well. No need to ever do this again!

Never miss a birthday again. Focus more, procrastinate less. Profit!

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