Hulu Japan tops one million subscribers

Hulu Japan now has more than one million subscribers, who have collectively viewed more than 360 million hours of video since the service first launched in 2011. The service celebrated the milestone by announcing that it will soon begin to produce original content, including a drama.

Of course, all of that doesn’t matter much to American Huligans: The U.S.-based streaming service launched Hulu Japan in 2011 as a first step in what was supposed to become a bigger international expansion, but its corporate overlords put an end to those plans in order to focus on the domestic market. Hulu sold Hulu Japan to Nippon Television a little over a year ago.

So why does Hulu Japan share its subscriber numbers now? Sure, a million is a nice round number, but there’s another reason: Netflix has announced that it wants to launch in the country this fall as part of its ambitious international expansion.