Roku to introduce two new-ish streaming boxes

Wonder how Roku is going to respond to the steep Apple TV price cut announced earlier this week? Here’s a possible answer, courtesy of a filing that just went through the FCC: Roku is looking to introduce two new devices that are both based on its $99 Roku 3, but likely come with a smaller price tag.

The 4210X and 4230X feature “no change in hardware or in existing RF relevant portion,” according to the filing, with the exception of some circuitry being moved around, suggesting possibly a slight redesign of the box itself, or maybe just a more compact and thus cost-effective board. Oh, and there is one other key omission: The two new boxes won’t have an Ethernet plug, and instead exclusively rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity.

I’m not sure what all of this means for Roku’s device line-up. Currently, the Roku 3 is the top-line device, and the entry-level Roku 1 still features composite video connectors. It’s possible that Roku 1 and 2 are being replaced by Roku 3-based hardware, with the differences being more about the remote control and software-based features. Or maybe Roku will use the new boxes as part of a TV service provider partnership.

A Roku spokesperson declined to comment when contacted for this story.