HafenCity photowalk

An evening walk to admire beautiful cityscapes in Hamburg, Germany

Last week I went to Hamburg for 4 days business trip. One of the evenings I’ve decided to visit HafenCity with my camera. I’ve been there once before, month ago when accidentally stumbled there with my colleague. Anyway, this time I was a little bit more prepared, carrying a tripod and my old Canon 450d with 10–22mm mounted lens.

Meet HafenCity

HafenCity is an area in Hamburg, Germany, located on the Elbe river islands. Old port warehouses are replaces with modern offices, building and residential areas. It’s a work-in-progress project still planned for next 10–20 years. The revival of old free port land will bring up to 40000 office spaces and a home for 12000 people.

An evening walk

I started late in the evening, it was just before 21:00 and the sun has already set. After short walk down from Steinstraße U-Bahn station I’ve passed the Der Spiegel building.

Der Spiegel.

Everything started to look blueish and the area was mostly empty. Occasionally some runners or single pedestrians crossed my path, but that was just it.

The area is still under construction, so the construction cranes were still available in many places.
Long exposure photo of one of the many canals.

A walk to admire

As I continued walking down, the colours started to change. Blue transitioned more into the dark and orange started glowing from multiple lights attached to the balconies.

One of many breathtaking views you can experience in HafenCity

I’ve spent about 15 minutes there, admiring atmosphere and the calmness of the moment. This bridge is actually quite popular location for photographers. There were about five of us at the moment I took this picture.

View from a bridge at Osakaallee near St. Anneplatz

I’ve passed by the Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg and followed the Brooktorhafen channel.

All areas highlighted with subtle lighting and with nice pavement paths. Pleasure to walk.

Admire the beauty

I’ve thought I’ve come to the dead end, because a paths was closed and and the only ways was to the underground station (U4) called Überseequartier.

I was not prepared…

There is a deep entrance with long set of steps. The colours are mostly blue and grey. You really feel like going under water. You can even hear subtle ambient sounds that amplify your experience.

Only couple people passed by at Überseequartier

After going out on the other side of the station (there is some construction site above, so thats why I couldn’t go straight) I continued my walk. Unfortunately it was already getting late. Stopping every minute to take a picture makes you not realize how fast the time is flying.

My walk was getting to the end. I’ve headed in the direction of the city center, passing by multiple great locations.

I was wearing my Garmin to track my route. The walk wasn’t that long. But it took me 2 hours to walk around 4 kilometers.

Beautiful cityscapes

I was amazed how smart the whole area is planned. Everywhere you could see well planned places. Paths are nicely designed and you could observe many beautiful details.

Like this pedestrian path, crossing between the buildings above busy street — HafenCity is full of details like that.
Many small bridges over multiple channels makes walking really interesting.

After talking last picture I’ve headed to the Rathaus station and took the U3 back to the hotel. It was a good day.

More pictures from the walk could be seen at my Flickr gallery at https://www.flickr.com/photos/johny/sets/72157650392722097/

If you ever be in Hamburg, I highly recommend you to visit HafenCity. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading.