The final Truth

The fact is, that the absolute cannot be explained. Dot. The absolute is the acceptance of it. Any uttered word concerning the absolute can only be a pointer. The understanding of the absolute can not be achieved. So, why I’m even spending a second writing about it? Because it can happen ..

And it can only happen if any conceptualization is disregarded. The “why”, the “who”, the “what”, the “where” or “when” are all real mirage of a dream .. It only can happen in state of absence of logic or reason. Far away when the “me” is totally absent. It only happens at the spring of stillness and final silence.

It happens suddenly, without any annoyance, when it’s least expected. When it comes, it cannot be accepted unless the mind is totally empty. Unless the understanding of illusory of the entire universe and everything therein, but not that of “himself”.

It took me all of my miserable life .. despite the fact that so many sages clearly stated it thousands years ago. I told you, it cannot be explained, it only can happen.

Before closing, I must make a reference to the fact, that there is neither creation nor destruction. Neither birth nor death, neither destiny nor will, neither path nor achievement. The absolute is not changeable, experienced from moment to moment without the concept of time .. the absolute is unicity ..

All this life was necessary for me to bring sense of fullness, wholeness, and relevant matter. The truth is that we as a society lost our minds, the Absolute is only One.


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