The only way out if nothing works ..

It got me, got you, got all of us. Invisible, unspeakable, well camouflaged Fear. Can you feel that moment? You know you have to act, do something, because it can’t go on like this! You have to create something, change something .. and you know that this time it’s gonna be something huge (after that, you life will be as you want it to be) .. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, click! Trigger went off, blank, blackout, void. You’re unable of anything, absolutely anything. A moment second to death.

I’m getting chills down my spine, when I recall such moments of my life. And they’ve been there, of course, how else I could write about them?

“Think more positive, do sports, don’t drink alcohol, eat healthy, create, love yourself, you see?” .. something similar would tell yourself. That will only lead to a long list of New Year’s or other resolutions, that will not be fulfilled and become a lifelong struggle of trying to be different, better, more mature, more successful, less anxious, less depressed etc.

Would not be better to throw it all away and watch favourite movie on TV?

I do not think so! As there is always a way out.

Obstacles and struggles cannot exist without a way out, same as shadow cannot exist without the light. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? The way out is nothing less than straightforward ..

“Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full significant and interesting.” ~ Aldous Huxley

We create our own fear, our own drama. Well, this type of fear at least. So let’s calm down a bit, ok? No need for panic .. We are not in life threatening danger. We don’t face a tiger, with the taste of our blood and tenderness of our flesh, as the only thing on his mind .. or do we?

We must understand ourselves in the first place, the world we live in, the way our mind works. Because on this journey we will need the cooperation of our mind. We will need pull some weight.

Positive changes at the level of the mind are most effective in initiating positive changes at the physical level, including our bodies and our actual physical environment. Mind over matter! But to change our mind is often the most difficult job to do.

It might sound like an endless and weary journey, where the end isn’t only clear, but barely recognisable as well. Don’t despair, the good news is that in this case, the unbearable easiness of being lies in a quote of Karl Popper, “our knowledge is always finite, but our ignorance is always infinite.”

The bells goes off again! I can hear inner voice, “you can’t reach the horizon, don’t bother, that tv show will be much better, while i figure out what to do next…”

The way out is always there, otherwise struggles cannot exist, do you remember? .. Let’s move on ..

Let me, just for a moment, take a look at the world as it is. Not at the world as we would like it to be.

This world is uncertain and frankly, quite unpredictable. Sure, it is! I told you already, the world is as it is, not as we would like it to be .. Everything we know and still discovering out is relative. It is everything, but not finite.

The things we know could be understood and useful, only when we are able to use them in real practice. The thing we can’t are practically non existent. It is like with learning. We don’t learn by listening or reading, but by applying new found things in everyday life. So again, no resolutions nor watching tv show, is not the way .. obviously.

As we act what we’ve discovered, as we become aware and understand, we broaden horizons of our imagination. As we broaden horizons, we strive for more discovery .. more acts .. more broadening of horizons .. and so again and again ..

Despite all of this, rest assure, that all we know / understand today, will be perceived in different light in the future. Everything will be replaced, reedited, revalued, re-specified. Same as one day we all die, these thing will happen as well .. job done.

Do you agree?

I hope so!

Because if you agree, it will allow you to put your current state of perception into the right perspective. We all will be amazed and amused, when we look back and will see how we perceived certain things in the past. In comparison with present, we will see how limited our perception was. What a joke ;)

It would be very useful, if we could be amused like this not only about our past, but about our future as well. Imagine we could laugh now about the fact, how our perspectives will be perceived by us in a year from now. Even five or ten! The process happens forward in time as well as backwards. Don’t know how you see it, but I’m really relieved.

So how about that tv show? Nooo .. cut it out!

Do you feel a little bit better now? At least you could think you would ..

Start with a dream. Maybe a dream that is personal and small, but worth doing. Then dream a bigger dream. Keep dreaming until your dreams seem impossible to achieve. Then you’ll know you’re on the right track. Then you’ll know you’re ready to conjure up a dream big enough to define your future and perhaps your generation’s future. ~ by Vance Coffman, chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin

Everything we do, we do for our own growth. It means, if you’ve been caught in this fear, by words of Seth Godin, “to feel resentment is a mark, that you are on the verge of creating something important, very important.”

If we can convince our mind, that in the future, our present actions will be perceived totally different than what we fear of now, will not exist .. or at least will be different. So basically there’s nothing to fear. Well, only if we would stop broadening our horizons, that will be the end of everything.

It’s time to pull the trigger on!

Even more, it really does not matter how you start your way out .. as we know that our perception of everything (including us and our actions, any type of judgement, reflection, wonder) will be for sure different (and uncertain) in future, there is no need to think, judge, wonder, cogitate, reflect or ruminate about your steps or direction.

Simply laugh on yourself and start. Start where you are, with what you can.

Keep in mind, you will see all in a different light in just few moments. The path unfolds the moment you take your step.