I like to pay homage to the Yellow taxis of the world!

Hi all, I am Jan Ovland,singer & songwriter out of Norway — In these times of “UBER or not to UBER” ,I have written a song — YELLOW CAR — that I am about to share with you ! — recorded it with my band,The Commodities and produced a music video,

filmed in Norway,New York City and Chiang Mai/Thailand — all because I wanted to “ pay homage to the taxi drivers of the world ! “ and their wheels,who sometimes happen to be yellow !


Back in the day,flying in to JFK,I was soon introduced to the Checker taxi of New York City — back then , in the mid 80´s, I did not think to much of it — now,some thirty years later and for quite some time — the Checker taxi has become an american icon , just like Harley-Davidson and Coca Cola -

Originally coming out of Chicago,the Checker taxi of NYCity,made sure that it´s passengers came from A to B — in a zip , most of the time anyway :) before long,the yellow taxi spread all over — today,

you will find a yellow taxi service , on all continents of the world — having been in quite a few of them myself,I would like to use this opportunity to say,with my song YELLOW CAR , a big thank you, to you all !

The song can be downloaded from Amazon,cdbaby,Spotify,iTunes,Facebook , just to mention a few — enjoy !

The track is arranged and produced by Ole C. — Mr. Jan and J.A.Narum




…for more info — janovland@gmail.com / 47 41193258

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