Hillary Clinton Promises Nothing.

For all the hype surrounding Bernie Sanders’ pie in the sky ‘dreams’ there’s an opposite amount of focus around Hillary Clinton’s lack of vision for the future of America.

In the days leading up to the New York primary, her campaign has made a concerted effort to delegitimize Sanders’ promise of a revolution; Taking the stance that his desire to bring forth substantial change is simply not realistic and indeed laughable.

While that may be the case, since no one person is privy to knowing what the future holds, her underlying message to the voter is far sadder than potential failure. It’s certain complacency.

For the entirety of Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign I can not recall one instance in which she articulated a believable narrative as to why we should choose her to lead us into the future; The main tenor of her campaign being experience and judgement, and on both those facets I call bullshit.

Let me first say that I hold a great deal of respect for Mrs. Clinton. Few human beings have lived the life she has and fewer still have survived such a life. However, to me, that doesn’t qualify anyone for the responsibility of leading the United States (and arguably the world at large) in the 21st century.

Time and time again she has made substantial errors in judgement, both moral and practical, and her experience is mainly comprised of being a shrewd politician. From her stance on gay rights over the past 20 years to her two-faced nature surrounding banking legislation, it’s clear to me that Mrs. Clinton is mainly a calculating opportunist.

She has made a habit of taking stances that will both solidify her political power and do good in the communities she has served. However, the evidence shows that the greater good comes second to her political aspirations should they ever conflict.

She has been a machine, in a good way, of bureaucracy and public opinion — but that’s not what we need in today’s world.

With the very real paradigm of globalization and the ever present threat of terrorism we need to break the mold of who we have been as a society. We need to transform into what we hope our children’s children’s children will some day become. We need balance.

It seems obvious to so many that the balance of our society, of our economics, and of our harmony with Earth is perversely out of whack — and to all that she’s offered the American voter incrementalism.

I don’t believe myself to be an alarmist — our proverbial house isn’t burning down — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t urgency and that doesn’t mean we don’t understand good strategy. If the goal of society is to push forward, away from injustice and towards greater equity for all human beings, than incrementalism will not do. It should not do.

The argument against “radical” ideas is defeatist and intrinsically un-American. Everything good about this country was deemed radical.

It was radical to expand West.
It was radical to to fight for civil and gay rights.
It was radical to aim for the Moon.

While never perfect, our union is strongest when our reach exceeds our grasp, and when we aim higher than we’re told to.

Vote Bernie. ;)