Hi Jan,
divya parvati

I’m wondering if we could move our conversations to StackOverflow.com to benefit the community? If you tag your questions with serenity-js they will be easier for people to find.

RE: The imports:

  • the describe and it are global functions created by Mocha test runner
  • as Mocha has been created long before TypeScript, it doesn’t support the TypeScript style imports; the definition files are provided by the DefinitelyTyped project and you get them by installing the @types/mocha package. Same goes for chai (@types/chai), chai-as-promised (@types/chai-as-promised) and cucumber (@types/cucumber).
  • The process of installing the dependencies as well as their purpose is explained on the website, but please let me know if information is hard to find or unclear.

RE: The target folder:

  • You mention cucumber-html-report and protractor-cucumber-framework, those projects are unrelated to serenity-js; to get the reports you’ll need to make sure that you import the correct dependency. This should be explained in the configuration section of the handbook

Hope this helps!


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