Where’s Waldo Goes to Outer Space
Chad Orzel

Star Fleet Training

I love what was said about Where’s Wally? I Spy, Free Cell, and all those other games. I am also a big fan of Myst III, A Fool’s Errand by Cliff Johnson and other adventure puzzle based games.

When I was in school, “connect the dots” was much more enterntaining than anything the teacher said. A kid who appreciated entertainment, I thoroughly felt unentertained in school, so I amused myself. I also enjoyed staring at the ceiling imagining the stars and day dreaming.

Star Trek Voyager is my favourite Star Trek series, and Captain Janeway, Seven-of-Nine and B’Elanna Torres are my heros. And I hope we get more capable, reliable and heroic role models in space.

When Star Fleet becomes a reality, I believe computer games will be part of the core curriculum. The Mars Mission is a good start, but I’m preparing for deep space.

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