Got to know about swallet on the twitter space, took a quick deep and did few research and realized that S-Wallet uses two decades of digital experience to increase process efficiency, deliver a seamless Omni-channel Digital end-user experience, and establish a continual ecosystem of innovation to provide a sustainable competitive edge for its users over time.

What sets S-Wallet apart from the competition is the amount of security it provides for its clients’ assets and the improved level of control it provides at every stage of financial transactions.



S-wallet is a wallet that allows you to keep track of your money Without requiring centralized involvement, financial instruments, royalty schemes, staking, lending collateral, fractionalization, and other services for any intellectual property are available.

Other noteworthy features of S-Wallet include:



How to get started with S-Wallet 💡

If you’re not already with us, it’s time to join the S-Wallet ecosystem. It takes a few minutes.

1️⃣ Create a personal S-Wallet account

2️⃣ Top up your balance

3️⃣ Connect two-factor authentication

4️⃣ Enjoy all the available functions

Stay tuned, there are many interesting things ahead $SWP



S-Wallet has added the possibility to buy cryptoassets with Visa and Mastercard bank cards.

📌 How to top up S-Wallet:

1️⃣ Log in to your personal account;

2️⃣ Go to “Get” and select the desired asset;

3️⃣ Select “Visa/Mastercard” in the “Transfer network” column

4️⃣ Select the currency that will be debited from the card;

5️⃣ Enter the amount;

6️⃣ Read and agree to the risks, then press the “Deposit” button;

7️⃣ In the opened window follow the service instructions to complete the payment.

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