Why is the Choice of Preschool Important for Parents?


Every year in June, preschools around New York City open their doors for new summer admissions. Termed as the ‘annual preschool rush’, this period is characterized by the rush for the limited number of available seats in the Manhattan preschools.

But despite the fact that there are countless preschools in Manhattan itself, the number of applicants is much higher than the number of seats available in those preschools.

Search for the Best

Most parents think of preschool as the first step to a 12-year journey that culminates in their son/daughter securing a seat in an Ivy League college like Harvard or Stanford. That is why getting a spot in the best preschools is of paramount importance to the parents who want to see their little kid grow up to be a graduate from a top college.

So is it necessary to get into a good preschool to build a bright future?

You see, if a kid gets accepted into a top preschool, the exclusiveness of top preschools makes getting a spot in a top elementary school much easier, and the same goes for primary and high school.

However, if a kid couldn’t get a spot in any of the best preschools, he/she will have to work his/her way to the top in order get accepted into the best high schools and colleges. The former case is easy and convenient, while the latter case demands hard work.

And most parents prefer the easier way.

Maintaining Exclusivity

A study in 2011 revealed that there was a 10% increase in the number of students applying to NYC’s private schools.

Private schools are preferred by most parents because they are self-funded and financially stable.

So the question is, how do private schools maintain their exclusivity?

Most private preschools in Manhattan put quality education as their top priority. They limit the number of seats available to maintain a healthy student-to-teacher ratio. This is a great way to ensure that kids get as much attention in class as possible.

That is the reason why the number of applicants is far greater than the number of available seats.

Many private preschools are highly secretive about their available seats, and a selected few schools even choose who gets a seat and who doesn’t, regardless of the application status.

Many such schools act as ‘feeder schools’, transferring students to the city’s top elementary schools after the school year ends.

This is how private schools remain exclusive and maintain the quality of education.