Janngo is hiring a full stack software engineer to join the team who builds B2B and B2C technology platforms for African SMEs and individuals.

About the role

We are looking for a Software Engineer to build the technology solutions that power our platforms. The Software Engineer will work on the full stack (front, back, data, tooling) and technology related processes (prioritization, development, test automation, operations, maintenance) in an agile set-up (Kanban).

The role reports to Janngo’s CTO and is based out of Paris, France (remote work is also an option), and may grow into Tech Lead/CTO for one of our startups.

List of responsibilities

  • Discuss with…

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In a startup, as soon as your marketing team starts acquiring some traffic from a few different sources (and they will quickly, if only to test the traction of your product/service), they will spend more an more time monitoring their KPIs (impressions, clicks, budget spent, sessions, conversions, …) from the reporting tools of each channel that they use.

Even for low amounts of money spent in online advertising, the effort and time required to monitor and optimize their ROI grow quickly, as well as the time needed to aggregate the information they read from the various reporting applications (Facebook Business…

In this article, we present briefly how AB testing usually works, and then a technical approach that met our most important criteria : no negative impact on users’ perception of performance, keep it simple tech-wise, and free.

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How AB testing usually works

AB testing is a classic way to try to optimise the conversion rate on a (web) application : once you have a clear idea of where you “lose” users in your conversion funnel, you may want to try alternative scenarios (modified versions of your content/forms for example) to see if they perform better than the current version. AB testing means that you split…

Janngo is hiring their 2nd developer! If you are interesting in building Tech for a good cause, and want to start a career in a start-up environment, read on…

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About Janngo

Janngo builds, grows and invests in pan-African digital champions with proven business models and inclusive social impact.

We use a studio model to build startups that address SME needs ; for example, we are currently building a digital platform providing transport solutions for SMEs in Ivory Coast.

We are recruiting for dynamic people to join us on this exciting adventure!

Opportunity to work in Africa’s #1 Social Studio

  • Entrepreneurial and highly…

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It is not that often that, as a software engineer, you get the opportunity to start something from scratch, or actually everything from scratch: defining and setting up the development stack, the applications, the hosting and IT operations tooling… with a clear goal to build more than a toy project.

I guess this only happens when you start a company.

The company we are starting is Janngo, and you are now reading the first entry of our engineering blog.

Why a blog?

When you are lucky enough to start from scratch, you feel may like a kid in front of…

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Stories from the Janngo.Africa tech team in Paris

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