I’m thinking about what motivates me. I have conducted several performance reviews and one of the things that I have referred to is motivation. I want motivated co-workers. A motivated person has a reason for showing up and doing more. I am not referring to the usual enticements, although the a great cup of coffee is awesome or some East is East ice cream from one of my favorite local vendors.

OK. Being a bit cheeky here, and moving back to being serious. I think of motivation and picture my family and their smiling faces. They motivate me. I want to spend time with them. When I think of the workplace I think of people who show up. Now, showing up is really more than attendance, and includes caring about the class, the project or your job. I know that this is a tall order, as most of us are not always motivated. Motivation is exhausting, but it gives back to you. You need to decide when you’re motivated, and occasionally you need to fake it!