Mystical Rocks

At the trailhead

A call of a wood thrush

Lilting in treetops

While we walk together

Mountain laurel in bloom

A sea of pink and white

The path turns to ferns

Fiddleheads fully grown

Giant feathered greenery

Entering Rousseau’s dream

A jungle in the woods

Our steps meander on as

We reach the temple entrance

Of a rock maze


A mini Angkor Wat in the forest

A hidden gem

A magical place

A mythical space

How long has this been here?

And who was the first animal or human to discover it?

It has existed

For hundreds of years


Cool wet humid humus

Gray rock walls

Tall halls

Dark caves

Large twisting vines

Tiny roots

Reaching for the source of water

In cracks and crevices

Rhododendron canopy

Creates a natural ceiling

Nature’s sacred site

I kneel down to touch the

Moist ground floor

Whispering a gratitude prayer

For our Earth

We could get lost in here for days

Exploring every passageway

Let’s stay all afternoon

Secluded and safe

Soaking in the grounding energy

Of bright green moss and stone



On a natural high