stream of consciousness

falling through leaning in towards

more joy beauty truth love depth of being open to possibilities

boundless remembrance encircling surrounding encompassing

heart-knowing losing grips of fear delving deep underwater new freedom

allow for infinite truth awakening letting go ever so gently

to what no longer serves past issues dissolve into infinite present

gratitude attitude hopes dreams visions come alive

for service for healing for forgiveness for acceptance for awakening

to a new paradigm shift

mountains oceans rivers sun rain moon flower fish

earth songs earth visions eagle visions

entrancing flames dancing brightly love dancing whole complete painting

nourishment for the soul to speak wisdom listening of the calling here now

letting go surrendering all that has passed leaving room for more growth

seed potential birds singing harmonies song drumming rhythmic pulsing

heart coursing inspirations expressions harmony unity higher self

merging into light

see with the eyes of your heart

know yourself

sit in silence and breathe be free be you love you