Product Review: Expand Your Summer with Summers Eve Spa Calming Cleansing Cloths

Janny C
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With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to summer Summer’s Eve has expanded its Spa Collection with Summers Eve Spa Calming Cleansing Cloths. As the leader in personal care Summer’s Eve®, is making self-care easier than ever with its Spa collection to deliver a serene, luxurious experience to any daily wellness and beauty routine.

Their new Spa Calming Cleansing Cloths. features plush, luxuriously quilted cloths that are 100% plant-based and are the brand’s softest yet. Designed to freshen the intimate area, the cleansing cloths are infused with a chamomile fragrance blended with essential oils to gently pamper, refresh and truly enhance any wellness regimen. Gynecologically tested, paraben free, and dye free these daily wipes are gentle enough to use every day.


Just in time for the summer heat Summer’s Eve Spa Collection has released its Spa Calming Cleansing Cloths.

Having been selected to be a part of the Summer’s Eve Expanded Spa Collection launch I got a chance to try their new spa calming cleansing cloths. Oh my goodness where have these little cleansing cloths been all my life? I used to think cleansing clothes were just an eco waste, but Summer’s Eve Calming Cleansing cloths are 100% plant-based.

Infused and scented with soothing chamomile and essential oils these quilted cloths deliver a soothing scent that really keep you feeling surprisingly fresh and clean the whole day.

A must in any busy woman’s intimate care routine these babies are versatile too!

  • Put them in your purse and use them for on-the-go freshness or on-the-go messes. I ran out of my normal wipes and these cleansing cloths came quite in handy and worked wonders, and they leave a much more heavenly scent than your normal wipes.
  • Great to use when showering is not accessible, or just for a nice mid-day freshen-up. Because let’s face it we’ve all had those mid-day not-so-fresh feeling moments when we are running about our day.

They were definitely my go-to when my alarm didn’t go off one morning and I woke up late not having time for a shower. I grabbed the wipes entirely surprised at how fresh I felt all day long. I might have 99 problems but feminine odor may now not be one of them.


Summer’s Eve® has focused on cleansing products just for women since 1972. As the trusted leader in intimate care, the brand is known for developing personal care products that are gynecologist and dermatologist-tested for safety and help women feel fresh every day. As the needs of women around the world change, Summer’s Eve® is dedicated to evolving and offering a wide range of products that fit within a woman’s life.

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